Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Beer Tour Bonanza Celebration

After making the invites/card, place cards, and hanging lantern puff ball thingies we were ready to rock for the Birthday Beer Tour Bonanza Celebration!  The tours and tastings were amazing and we walked away with a couple of growlers of beer.  It was so fun to see how the beer was made and talk to the actual owners and operators of the brewery.  But anyways….onto the good stuff, the parttaay!

I put out planters full of peanuts on the table because my favorite thing about going to the bars is the awesome free peanuts you get to snack on….and throw on the floor!  Yum!  But I anal-retentively let everyone know there would be no peanut shell floor throwing at this party.  I also used scrabble tiles to spell out the word “Beer” and flanked each side with a unique bottle cap.  The invitation was framed to add to the ambiance. 

The Jones Soda Pop bottles with all the guests names were displayed on the bar. 

After we cracked open those colorful bad boys we all dug in and enjoyed some food, beer, peanuts, and fun!  The menu consisted of sweet pea and swiss chard manicotti and amazing bruschetta.  Ya, I know it didn't really go with the beer/brewery/bar theme but I am Italian to the core and can never resist pasta at a special occasion!  Check back in for the delicious and simple bruschetta recipe!

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