Monday, October 3, 2011

Painting Living Room Trim

Do you know what our living room makeover needed? Yup. White trim.  Our living room has slowly been progressing and we thought it was time to take care of the trim, and the wooden paneling back wall – yikes!

We started by sanding…a lot!  The nice gloss on the trim had to be sanded down in order for the paint to stick.  So we got out our handy dandy sander (and the hubby attached it to the shop vac to decrease the mess) and got to work. I mean he… sanded and sanded and sanded some more.  Hey – he made me a deal that if I baked him cookies he would sand.  It sounds like a fair trade! Make sure you wipe your walls before prepping to paint!

Then we taped all around the trim and put plastic over the floors.  In our house everything has the potential to turn into a cluster f*** so we always prepare for the worst.    

Then we opened our nice white paint.  Technically it is Ostrich from Behr – with the paint and primer combined, our favorite!  We came up with that color because we realized that the trim in the living room connects to the dining room, which is connected to our white corner hutch, and THAT all connects to the kitchen – which we also have plans to paint white.  We needed to think ahead since everything is connected we needed to choose the right color the first time, or suffer repainting all the trim…ugh! So much pressure!      

Okay so I apologize for the terrible picture.  It was low light, my ISO was high to compensate…which turned out slightly fuzzy.  Oops.  Anyhoo here it is with the first coat.  Does it look scary to you?  It did to me…so much white, AND so much stuff cluttering the room.  When we paint with plastic the light usually reflects white to make the room look very different than when everything fills the room.  I held my judgment and you should too – check back in for the reveal!        

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