Friday, July 15, 2011

Removing an Ugly Corner Shelf...Again

I am happy to share that the hubby and I have made steps towards painting our living room.  Being the impulsive person that I am I wanted the living room painted, like yesterday, after we completed our paint swatch process to determine what color we wanted.  But, there were a few obstacles in our way before we got to painting.  Namely the huge ugly built in cabinet.  Remember the first one? While one down, one to go.  On a side note with wood in mind, blonde on blonde should NEVER happen, except if it's a Dylan album...then I will let it slide. 

The corner cabinet had to be removed prior to painting so there wouldn’t be a huge white spot on the wall where the cabinet used to be (see the huge white spot now?), so wasting no time we got right to it.  First things first, we removed all the easy stuff like the cabinet top and shelving.

Then we used a tool called a cats paw to pry the trim off the front of the cabinet.

We unscrewed the cabinet from the wall and were able to pull it out.  And then we took it into the driveway and destroyed it office spaces style.  No lie.

But we weren’t done there….nope!  The previous owners had resurfaced the beautiful hardwood floors, but somehow that cabinet was super important to them so they did not remove it for the re-surfacing.  They left it there.  With carpet underneath it.  So we peeled back the carpeting, took off the carpet pad, and used the cats paw again to remove the carpet tack strips.

It wasn’t too tough of a project to take on, but it did leave us with some new challenges.  Because the previous owners varnished the floor with the carpet still under the cabinet, some of the varnish crept up under the carpet leaving us a nice little varnish line.  Three lines to be exact.  BUT it isn’t anything some light sanding and another coat of varnish won’t fix….hopefully!  Fingers crossed!

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