Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Gang's All Here

After ohh around a month and a half of looking at storage totes in the living room of all my décor, art, and DIY projects I needed to let them out and roam free in my living room.  I decided that if I never saw or had to deal with all my accessories and art I would never get the motivation to give it a new place to live.  I also felt like having everything together would give me inspiration to try different décor pairings and gain inspiration for all the rooms in the house. 

During the move there was one casualty, my cute little starfish picture, even though I wrapped it in like 100 layers of paper towel. *Insert frownie face here* - BUT I think I can salvage the photo and put it into a new frame.

Since moving I have acquired several new members to my gang of décor.  First is this spunky little yellow vase, which I intend to be a great pop of color to all the blues I have going on in the house.  I picked that baby up for $0.50 at a garage sale! 

The next member to the gang is Mack, the bulldog.  His name is Mack because he came from a Mack Truck….as a hood ornament.  The hubby thought he was cool and cut him off the front of an old salvaged truck.  Imagine the wonders he has seen in his life on the highway!

And last but not least this little vintage camera also joined my group of accessories.  I purchased it at a thrift store for under $1.00!  I am excited to see all my décor take shape and morph our house into a home. 

P.S. Now that I see all my treasures, DIY projects, and accessories all together I realize how many "friends" I have named like Mr. Squirrel, Hootie, and now Mack.  It is kind of weird, but I have a real obsession for naming things.  When I go ice fishing I have to make sure that all the fish we catch have names, my favorite was Penelope.  The hubby and I also had two ducks living in our back yard for awhile that we fondly named Robert Siegel and Michele Norris......after our two favorite NPR journalists.  And of course we name our cars...mine is red rider :).  So I guess it only comes natural to me to name my finds and projects - plus it gives them a little personality. 

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