Friday, June 24, 2011

First Day House Projects

Home improvement projects are like drugs, but better.  They give you a major adrenalin high without all the pesky side effects of hangovers, paranoia, withdrawals, and acting like an idiot.  Well….I take the last one back.  I can see where home renovations can turn into a major self induced idiot fest, but other than that I would say it’s a pretty healthy alternative. 

So looking back at our first day of moving in, I took the opportunity to kick some major DIY ass.   The first  obstacle: a weird corner shelf in the basement.

The tools: a Black and Decker drill.  Now, I know this drill doesn’t have as much power as our bigger hand held drill, but it was all I could find and the hubby was busy loading trailers and lifting heavy things.  This was a heck of a lot better than the manual screw driver. 

I then took the drill and showed the corner shelf who was boss.  On a side note, who carpets a shelf?

Taking down the shelf really opened up the room and will allow for our ginormous couch to fit in our basement…because as I said in this post, our huge couch poses a bit of a problem for our upstairs living room.

The next obstacle was the glow in the dark stars that were tacked to our ceiling.  The only question I have is, in what world does sticky tack starts + rough wood + ceiling = a good idea? 

So I spent the next half hour scraping them off the wall.  I found the most success with just a dry cloth, which caused the sticky tack to ball up against itself and come neatly off the wall.  I also tried goo gone, which I think stained the ceiling (but not too badly), and water and a rag with no success.  I also got a pretty big face full of sticky tack…awesome!

They are minor victories, but they gave me an adrenalin rush none the less!  It was an amazing experience taking something apart without the help of the hubby, even if it just was just unscrewing a couple of screws! It makes me itch to dive into all the home improvement projects on my list!


  1. Question: Am I correct when I say that your room used to have glow-in-the-dark stars all over the ceiling? Just sayin! :)

  2. You would be correct - BUT my ceiling was smooth which resulted in easier sticky tack removal!


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