Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY Photo Art: Tires

You can make art out of anything….well almost anything – I swear!  I had been looking at this view of a bus garage on my way to work for many mornings and just had the urge to do something about it!  So I made sure none of the bus drivers were around and trudged over there to take some pictures.  I am still conscious about looking like an idiot taking pictures of random things….I can only hope that feeling will pass.

The colors of the bus garage just spoke to me as a PERFECT match to the light blue theme I had going on in the house.  With my trusty camera I decided it would make perfect DIY art with a manly touch.  You see, I am very worried that my girly taste will over run the house which has led me to be very conscious about adding some testosterone! So, what could be manlier than tires?

Here are my two favorite raw shots that I decided to edit:

After some work in Photoshop I narrowed it down to these for my favorites.  I love the vintage and rustic look with the beautiful pale blues coming through to balance the ruggedness. 

 I am not sure what pictures are my favorites, but I am very excited to print out these shots.  That proves that you can make art out of funky tires at a bus garage!  Have you had anything nontraditional inspire you lately?


  1. I really like them Annie, the 1st and the 4th being my favorites. When I look at those shots, I just can't get over that one little puffy dandelion. You will have to teach me your skills!

  2. Thanks Ellen! When you come to craft camp at my house I will teach you! :) Hopefully that is soon!


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