Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to the Old Apartment..

Well technically it's a townhouse, but you get the idea.  Before going forward into the new house I feel like I have to take a couple of nostalgic steps back and appreciate the old house.  It is where I started my blogging DIY adventures attempting to make our rental into our first home as a married couple. 

I’ve blogged about the living room here, here, here, and here, the spare bedroom here and here, and parts of our bedroom here and here, but never our dining room, which was where a lot of my pre-blog DIY projects ended up. 

To the left are my DIY beach theme dictionary prints

and to the right is my Minnesota Map cluster from this post

I bought the white hutch from Ikea and customized with a hanging wine glass rack

and used it to display the antique china from my grandmother I got as a wedding gift.

My table runner was quilted in pale blues and warm browns by my hubby’s grandmother and I created DIY newspaper monogram art inspired by Young House Love. 

My last favorite part of my kitchen is my cookbook stand that allows me to display beautiful cookbooks as art.  The counter into the kitchen was also the place I found to put my $1.00 salt and pepper shakers.

So that rounds out the tour of the dining room and life as we knew it as renters, and we now begin our journey as happy home owners.

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