Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book, Bath, Bed and a...Baby Shower?

This was my routine growing up as a child (minus the  baby shower of course).  There is nothing better I remember about my childhood than reading books with my mother.  Why am I sharing this overly personal tidbit you ask? Well……I’m going to be an auntie! After securing a coveted spot to help with the baby shower I turned to what else but the internet for inspiration.  Due to my love of literature as a child the trendy idea of a book themed baby shower tugged at my heartstrings.  Here is what I am inspired by:

Being my first mood board, I have to say that creating a mood board tougher than it looks.  When the pro’s do it all the colors coordinate perfectly to create a beautiful cohesive inspiration.  Well I think it’s obvious that I am no pro, but at least I gave it the old college try!

What I love about these photos are firstly the tables decorated as beds! I mean, how fun is that? You could find cheap bed sheets in fun prints (and some coordinating solids to save some $$) and pop those suckers over regular banquet tables to get a fun and creative bedtime theme.  Add some stuffed animals, children’s books, and simple candles to complete your table décor at a bargain price.    

The bright green tissue pom-poms would look great hung from the ceiling or clustered together on round tables as funky centerpieces.  Mixing the “bed tables” and round tables with more cost effective centerpieces allows you to create a great theme at a fraction of the cost. 

I love the simple yet modern baby shower invite and adore the idea of hanging books from the ceiling or using them as part of the tablescape!  You could also incorporate a bookshelf into the party décor with all the mother-to-be’s favorite books.  Top off the party with a playful polka dot cake and some stuffed animals and you have the perfect bedtime book themed baby shower. 

Another great idea courtesy of Martha Stewart herself is to request that guests bring their favorite childhood book with an inscribed with a message to the new baby.  A spin on this is to have the mother-to-be’s favorite book as the “guest book” where all the party-goers sign the inside cover of the book.  I hope you are as inspired by these pictures as I was!

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