Monday, April 18, 2011

A Quail of a Tale

I went on another antiquing adventure with the pops and I cannot wait to share what I found.  It was a find that was so monumental it was deserving of a “GET OUT” push by Elaine from Seinfeld…..yes that epic!  Let me give you some back story.  Several months ago I stumbled upon Young House Love’s crash of the Bower’s pad.  This ceramic bird shot had me green with envy.  It was a bit like my brass birds that are perched on my coffee table, but I was drawn to the white ceramic-ness of it. 

And guess what….I FOUND IT! I did a happy dance in the store that to an outsider probably looked like I was having a seizure. 

But wait, there’s more……it had a baby!

AND it was only $6.00 for the pair! Probably not as good of a deal as Katie Bower got, but it made me all warm and fuzzy none the less!  My dad informed me that they are quails.  He also told me  that when I’m driving I take turns too sharp….it was an interesting day. 

I also ran across some large antique Ball canning jars with pale blue glass.  As I’m going up to the counter the pops casually says “Ohh I have some of those out back I’ll give to you when I get home”.  Score! So I walked away with these bad boys for free!  With just a little elbow grease I am confident they will shine. I am thinking I need a larger home for my wine corks (from here and here) to live and this seemed like the perfect solution, but only time will tell.   

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