Friday, April 22, 2011

Channel Your Inner Pioneer Woman

I am utterly inspired by Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  A more appropriate title may be Super Woman.  She cooks.  She has tips about her home and garden.  She is a photography and Photoshop goddess. Need I say more?  Her blog and tutorials have inspired me to brave the world that is Photoshop.  As of right now I have a standard point and shoot camera and have big dreams of getting an SLR camera. My birthday is also conveniently coming soon (hint hint!).  Anyways…my best shot at creating semi-ok photos is all in the editing baby!  Let me rewind a bit….I know nothing about photography so there is a lot more to creating a semi-ok photos that I have yet to learn.  BUT in the true spirit of working with what you’ve got I decided to forge ahead with my point and click camera to see what I could create in Photoshop.  I figured the photos that I would have the most fun editing my first time out would be my engagement photos.

I had two photography sessions where my future hubby and I coordinated outfits and smiled pretty for the camera.  Our photographers were a combination of my mother, cousin, and sister in law – how budget friendly! AKA free.  These pictures were pretty good to begin with (because I didn't take them) so I felt they would give me a leg up on this editing business.  I used these pictures to create a Kodak photo book that I used as our guestbook, where the guest signed in the blank white spaces all yearbook style!  I didn’t edit them before then because I was pulling my hair out from the stress of re-locating across the state, finishing my thesis, trying to find a job, and planning a wedding.  I think tacking Photoshop at that point would have ended poorly for me.  So, now that I am in my right state of mind here is what I created channeling my Pioneer Woman spirit:

Not perfect, but not too bad either.  I am excited to see where Photoshop takes me and to edit the heck out of everything I print from this point on!


  1. Why did you photoshop me out of all of your engagement pictures?

  2. Because your not a member of my blog....and let's be honest you were killing the vibe!


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