Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Traditions

Reid and I have very strict Halloween traditions.  It happens to be one of my favorite holidays. First it starts out with apple cider, but this year we also mixed in some wine we picked up from our Michigan trip. The great thing about this wine was that you added mulling spices and served it warm.  Yummmm!

After we strained the mulling spice bits out of it we had some nice warm drinks to help us begin our traditions.

Next we tackled the pumpkins, all three of them.  I gave the hubby puppy dog eyes and said "just two?" at the store. He quickly gave in and we took three of these guys home.  Sometimes it has just been one, and other times we have had some pumpkin mishaps. Like the time the pumpkin felt out of its storage place on top of the refrigerator and splattered all over the the middle of the night.  Good times.  Thankfully there was no mishaps this year. PLUS three pumpkins make for a lot more seeds than one! Pumpkin seeds...yummmmm!

Our pumpkins took on some different designs this year.  For the one in the back we used a drill bit to make some nice holes.  Easiest. Pumpkin. Ever. The other pumpkins had an M monogram and some chevrons.  I printed out my patterns on the computer and then traced them onto the pumpkin.  

The next feat was caramel apples inspired from this pin. You need caramel, white chocolate, apples, and brown sugar.

  • First cover your apple with caramel (I choose to use the easy sheets rather than the tiny melted caramels)
  • Then put your caramel apple in the freezer to let the caramel harden
  • While the caramel is hardening melt white chocolate chips 
  • Take your apple out of the freezer an coat it with white chocolate 
  • While the chocolate is still soft pat on brown sugar
  • Then they go back in the freezer so everything hardens and serve

Oh my goodness were these awesome.  Best caramel apples ever!  So these are the traditions for Halloween in our house.  They revolve mostly around food and drink and that's just fine with me!

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