Friday, November 16, 2012

A Tribute to Summer

Apparently summer is gone.  I refuse to believe it and have left the house without a jacket a time or two.  But alas I can't deny it any longer.  We are DEEP into fall and in Minnesota that means winter is knocking on the back door.  5-6 months of winter.  Do you see why I am so apprehensive to admit it's fall?  I thought I would whip out a little post from the vault about lazy summer days.....and it starts with BBQ.

AND the smoker we got from one of our besties for our wedding (thanks ED!)  I mean what kind of guy who isn't after our hearts gifts us with a smoker?  The best kind of guy that's who.  We brainstormed all the things we could smoke..Deer? Ribs? Chicken?  For today chicken was the winner but the other meats would have their day in the sun eventually.

Meat smoking takes all day.  All day sitting around with nothing to do...but wait.  We could make beer couldn't we?  My hubby happens to be a beer nut of sorts and loves to brew his own beer.  We have an old freezer that has turned keg-a-rater and have plans to put some taps into the wall at the downstairs bar...someday...sigh...someday.  But back to our lovely summer day. 

After smoking and checking and more smoking our turkey was done.  How beautiful does that look? Well it tasted even more delicious.  Thanks for taking this time travel back to lazy summer days.  This must mean that winter is inevitable. Darn - but it is the Minnesota way!

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