Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photography Adventure: Out in Nature

The hubby and I along with some of our family headed out to experience nature and take some pics.  The photos are from two different occasions out and about in nature.   

The first picture took a lot of patience and persistence.  The bee was pretty busy on that dead plant so I had ample opportunity to hang out to get it just right.  I’m sure it didn’t mind that I was shoving a camera in its face…it was just doing it’s thaaang.

The next picture is a random stump at a local lake.  It had nice lines and what my sister-in-law calls “movement”.  I am still waaay into the learning.  

The next picture was taken in the afternoon after a light rain.  I like how some of the rain drops have gathered on the leaves and were still there when I came upon them and decide to snap a picture.

This picture was another stump found on a local lake.  I was experimenting with some of the editing with this picture.  I like to try out different color schemes and effects to make different elements of pictures pop.   

Like with this second picture of the bee.  I wanted to make the bee pop in this picture rather than having the greens in the background being prominent.    

This last picture is one of my favorites.  I like the retro color scheme as well as the details of the buds.  It’s nice to finally get back into photography after a winter of dormancy.  This winter was a bit bleak and not as pretty as I had hope….I’m so ecstatic that it is finally summer so I’m glad I have pretty things to take pictures of!        

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