Friday, March 30, 2012

New Bathroom Vanity Reveal

Once we installed the vanity and put the mirror up our bathroom is….still in progress!  The vanity is just the first steps to what will probably be a slow-ish paced bathroom upgrade.  But the vanity switch-er-oo has added a ton of storage to our little bathroom and has updated the look so much that I can’t help but smile each time I walk in! We also added some wooden blinds from Ikea to freshen up the space. 

The sink has got to be one of my favorite parts of the vanity.  Initially I wanted to find and repurpose a piece of furniture about the size of our vanity and add a square vessel sink.  Ahhh I love that look.  But alas the search for a piece of furniture that width/height/dept etc. was not successful.  However this little beauty has a slanted top sink for a more modern and unique look than traditional vanity tops.

Ahh here is another shot of my bestie the sink.  I love the way the top just slants down into the drain. *Sigh*  When installing we had to be really careful that the sink was exactly level otherwise water would pool up on one side and not drain properly.  Score one for the hubby because we have not had that problem yet!

Actually tied in first place for my bathroom bestie is the faucet.  I love the unique vintage/country look it brings to the space. 

This is the best whole bathroom view I could get.  Sorry about the sun, sometimes it just brings out the urge to take pictures and then all my pics get sun shadows everywhere.  The most distracting part of this picture is the yellow.  A paint job is in the cards in the near future!  I think that will also change up the whole feeling of the bathroom.  It might clash with the existing floor tile until we finish the floor, but maybe a mat or rug could remedy the problem? Also the mirror will probably be replaced.  We were pretty disappointed with the quality - it looks nice in the picture, but it is really a piece of mirror glued on top of a board.  But we're not complaining it was 100% free with the vanity and will do for now! 

I was completely uninspired for the bathroom colors/décor until I saw this picture from The DIY Showoff.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…..duh!  The bathroom should fit in with the rest of the décor and flow of the house.  Navy blue (like I originally wanted) would be too bold and make the little bathroom stick out like a sore thumb.  The décor in the bathroom should be eclectic, vintage, country, etc. like the rest of the house!

Then I started searching and fount pictures like this one here that made me go “oh ya….pale blue would fit sooo perfect!”  

And the inspiration kept going with this picture…..

And this picture…..

Pinned Image

and this picture!  All beautiful, gorgeous, shades of subtle light blue. 

Now it’s time for the Budget Breakdown:

Vanity: $120 from Home Depot
Faucet: $80 from Home Depot
Mirror: Free with Vanity
Caulk: $3.00
Misc. Plumbing Supplies: $13.00
Wooden Blinds: $20.00 from Ikea

Grand Total (So Far): $236   

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