Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Honey Badger Halloween

This is the honey badger.  If you aren’t immediately laughing go here.  SO worth it.  Anyhoo this is the honey badger costume I crafted up for my 3 ½ month old nephew for Halloween.

Pretend the yellow balloon I am using to represent a child’s head isn’t creepy.  Thanks.  Some people wonder why anyone would dress a child up as a honey badger.  In short, he doesn’t give a shit and he is a sleepy little f@$#.  So really the honey badger is a fitting costume for any child. 

The one white stripe up the back is what distinguishes a honey badger from a sunk which has two white stripes up the sides.  However, most people will probably think you honey badger child is a skunk due to their unfamiliarity with the mammal markings.  If you are a true honey badger, you won’t give a shit.  Also, honey badgers don’t have ears that come out from the sides of their heads.  However it looked a little creepy without ears so I took some creative liberty and added some.    

The costume started with a pair of black hooded footie pajamas.  Additional materials needed were extra sweat pant material (which is the material the footie pajamas came in), white fur like fabric, stuffing, colored thread, needle, and pink and gray felt.  I didn’t use a pattern and freehanded each piece for the foot pads and the claws. 

The gray felt was more aesthetically pleasing for “claws” than brown.

I freehanded a tail that was the correct size for the little pajamas, stuffed it, and sewed it on the back.  Lastly I measured a long strip of white fur like fabric and sewed the strip up the back to create the stripe.  And of course the costume wouldn’t be complete without it’s own cobra.  Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  

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