Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Beer Tour Bonanza: Invitations

This year for my mother’s birthday I decided to do something a little different.  Finding a gift for my mother can be difficult as she is not a material person and would rather enjoy life traveling and experiencing new things.  So I thought the perfect gift would be a tour of three local breweries ending with a home cooked meal, family, and friends…..and of course some beer.  For the beer tour I choose three local brew companies that we would visit and enjoy a tour and tastings.  This concept of a “tour” party can be applied to anything like going to different spas or with food.  An idea that I love is picking a different restaurant for drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert!

I designed the card using blues, greens, yellows, and an orangeish red accent.  I went with a map theme mapping out our route to each of our stops.  For the maps I used the same techniques I used here for my wedding maps. 

The three local breweries were the Lift Bridge Brewery, Stillwater Brewing Company (renamed Staples Mill Brewing Company), and Flat Earth Brewing Company. 

Our tour started in Stillwater (where we honeymooned)…..

…….and ended in St. Paul.

Check back in for more décor, favors, and food from the party!  P.S. If you recreate a beer tour themed party make sure you have a sober cab - in our case it was me!

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