Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living Room Update

As promised, I am now just getting to updated living room pictures.  Remember when I painted the wall here? Or got the new chairs here? Good times.  Everything else in the room I already had so it is a truly work with what you’ve got room.  A lot of the stuff is temporary but I am pretty pleased with results until something more permanent is created.  Is it close to finished? Of course not!

I brought these throw pillows in that I re-covered for a pop of color and used the ottoman from here as a temporary coffee table. I also used my sand hurricane from my coffee table update, and the electric insulators from this post

My amazing bird finds, and globe that was a gift from my sister in law work well with the texture of the woven tray.  My sister in law bought the globe at a rummage sale when she was, like 7.  I think it is very charming!

These old keys were salvaged from a friends Grandpa’s garage and are placed on top of some vintage books.  I used a lot of different shades and colors of blue to create a monochromatic effect.

I used this vintage basket as a holder for all my magazines.  I like how the basket brings a rustic and vintage touch to the room to create an eclectic feel against the more traditional cottage looking chairs.

I transported this pale blue Ball canning jar that holds my sentimental wine corks to the mantel.  I tried to keep the mantel color pallet very basic with blues and whites as to not overwhelm the room.

I love that you can put a starfish almost anywhere and it will look great!


As we think about what we want this room to eventually look like we are going to be adding the couch, possibly DIYing a coffee table, and adding a funky rug.  We will definitely be giving the back wall, which is still wood, a makeover and adding some bold curtains.  A new side table is potentially in the works and something needs to be done with that mantel.  There is a lot I have going on in my head for this room, and I am excited to see how the vision comes to life!

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