Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Someplace to Sit

Finally…..FINALLY! We have someplace to sit in our living room.  I’ll admit it, our living room sat empty for ehh…around 2 months after we painted it.  This wasn’t just due to lazyness (well maybe a little) but also practicality. We not only had to decide what type of chairs we wanted, which was a battle in itself, but also saving the money to purchase said chairs.   After all was said and done we came up with these from Ikea.  I don't know what they are called because they are no longer on the webpage, but they were around $130.00 a piece with the slipcover.  The only assembly required was screwing on the legs, which was nice.  The slipcover was another story.... 

After taking the slipcover out of the package it was pretty wrinkled.  So I did what any proper woman would do…..I ironed it, and I ironed it, and I ironed it some more.  And…it was still wrinkled.  I got discouraged and just put the cover on. Then I did something a bit strange….I ironed the chair with the slipcover on.  This yielded decent results, but still a little wrinkly.  I guess my perfectionist personality will just have to let it go.

We chose white because it helped lighten the room and give it that beachy feel that a darker chair wouldn’t.  So far there have been no stains or mishaps so we will just keep crossing our fingers for stain free furniture!  Check back for how the living room looks put together!

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