Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Wedding Revisited: Cupcake Tower

I always knew I wanted cupcakes at my wedding. Amazing, mouthwatering, individual servings of joy.

I knew I needed something big and impressive to put them on so I embarked on a journey to make DIY cupcake towers.  I used 4 foil lined cake boards, differing in sizes from small to large and 3 cake dummies from large to small.  You can order these online or get them at some Michael’s craft stores.  I used ribbon to line the outside of the cake stand and used push pins and pale aqua ribbon to cover the cake dummies.  I glued them together with Styrofoam glue, but be careful because some glues can melt Styrofoam. 

I wanted three different kinds of cupcakes:



and carrot!

I made customized labels for each kind so guests could choose their favorite kind to eat.  The great thing about cupcakes is that for us they were cheaper than cake and guests didn’t have to get stuck with chocolate if their favorite was vanilla. 

We also ordered a small cake for ourselves and the wedding party in strawberry!  We have the top in the freezer to eat on our anniversary for good luck!

*Pictures of the wedding day were taken exclusively by Amber Asman of asmanphotography.  In short, she rocks.


  1. great post! Ive been looking to make my own cupcake stand for a while now and havent liked any ive seen but this one is great! a couple questions. What are the 3 sizes of cake boards you used and what are the 3 sizes of cake dummies you used? also, how thicj were the cake dummies? how many cupcakes fit on one stand?

  2. Hi Lisa - I can't remember the exact sizes of everything sorry!! My best advice would be to go to Michaels and try it out in the store. I ordered mine online. In order to find out how many cupcakes mine would hold I made a mock up with cutouts of the circumference of the cake baords with the circumference of the cake dummies cut out. I saw how many cupcake liners would fit on each to decide how many towers/what size I needed. Also I had some extras still in boxes that I had a friend refill the cupcake towers as we went! The foil cake boards were about 1 inch thick - sorry I couldn't be more help!


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