Friday, October 12, 2012

New Deck Stairs

Here is our back deck path that leads out to our garden.  The viewpoint you have now is from the main deck that leads into our kitchen.  After putting it off all summer, the fact that winter is creeping closer and closer motivated us to start our stairway project.  

This is the view from the side deck looking onto our main deck and grillin' space.  

Why did we need a change up with the addition of stairs?  Well to get into the back yard we had to walk ALL the way across the deck, AROUND the garden, and down into the yard.  It was pretty darn inconvenient.  It made it a pain to use our beautiful back yard to it's fullest potential. 

The project started with cutting a four foot hole where we wanted the stairs to start. 

Then the hubby worked his magic by custom making stair treads, adding railings, and adding spindles.  

Then later in the day the deck looked like this.  Ahhhh the beauty of a wide open back yard! Ohh the possibilities!

Here is the side profile of the deck now from the back yard.  Yes we ummm have a bit of raking to do.  Oh and yes I do know that the deck is now three colors: new wood of the stairs, old wood of the unfinished pass, and stained wood of the main deck and stairway into the garage attic.  Well we have three stains because the previous owners didn't finish the long deck, and we can't stain the stairs for over a couple of months because the wood needs to dry out.  Don't worry we will conquer this project next summer.  We are hoping to find a stain or paint for the deck that matches the color family of the house paint and trim.  

Here is the house profile from the other direction.  Next year we have plans to add more curb appeal to the house.  I hope that if I pledge to do this on the blog it will motivate me to make it a reality.  The most exciting project to come next year?  A rustic porch swing that hangs under the stairway up to the attic!


  1. That was a really long stretch, Ann. And I agree. The previous arrangement forced you to move a lot to get to the garden, but it held you back from utilizing the area. The stairs was a great help to cut down the traffic from the house to the garden. Plus, I’m sure it made you feel better and prouder of your house. :D

  2. Thanks Angelina! It is definitely something that gives me that "ahhh" feeling every time I use it!


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