Friday, July 27, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Wop wop wop....technical difficulties are not a word you want to hear when you are sharing all your DIY fun and excitement with the blog world.  But alas the last month or so the new upgrade that has happened on blogger has slowly taken my blogging capabilities down to zero.  As in: I am unable to add pictures to my posts.  No worries on OTHER computers I am able to do this.  Wait, I guess that is a big worry since I only have the one computer.  Oops.  I have been trying to wrangle whatever computers come my way to get a post out here or there, but as you have seen it has been a slow process.  There are plans for a new computer in the near future, so until then I will be posting as I can.  I am not wanting you to think my passion for blogging has tanked - because I have TONS of DIYing I have been crafting up to share.  It's bursting out of me and if it wasn't for this little no picture business it would be all online for you to enjoy.  So until then hang tight.....hopefully this bout of technical difficulties will be over soon!

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