Friday, September 16, 2011

Photography Adventure: Barns

Ahh...old barns have a sense of nostalgia to them don't they?  I don't have a particularly "country" style but somehow I am still drawn to the beauty of barns.

Lucky I happen to know where to see a ton of barns.  These are the barns of Southern Minnesota.

These were the first barn shots of the day.  I photographed the barn from different sides and tried to get a combination of barn and scenery in the shots.

This little shed was located on the same property as the first barn.  I love the little fence.

Typically I like to edit all my photos with the same theme or feel to create a sort of gallery, however for these I felt comfortable switching it up a bit!

The sky was very gray that day with even cloud cover so a lot of the photo's have a white sky.  I was glad it got moodier as the day progressed.  These pictures are a bit contrasted to the typical sunny day happy farm pictures.  BUT sometimes the pale gray sky just works.

With some of the barns, the landscape was rolling hills.  I love the interest it adds to the background. 

This is the only black and white barn I shot that day.  The mood of the picture just seemed to need a little b and w action.

On the farm you also can capture the unique quirks like tractors....

or charming mailboxes that seem to be in the middle of nowhere down an old dirt road.

There is also a lot of hay on farms.

Lots and lots of hay.

I mean without hay, what do the cows eat?

One of my favorite shots of the day was this landscape, where the clouds were about to burst with rain.  I love the line the bluffs create against the sky.

And that concludes my barn photography adventure!


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