Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My China Hutch is Horney

Notice anything different about my china hutch? Do ya? Do ya?  If you said there was a giant horn on top….you would be correct! Well….partially correct.  It’s technically an antler.  Antlers shed, horns stay.  Classic mistake…I’ve made like 1,000 times since getting my hands on this little beauty. 

Someone (me) happens to know someone that owns an elk farm.  How convenient.  I casually asked my step sister’s life man partner (somehow I feel weird calling him a “boyfriend” since they are all grown up) what it would take to get my hands on an antler…no not a pair…just one.  After some questioning from the step-mother they showed up on my doorstep with this amazing antler (not a horn).  Oh..and they didn't charge me.  How awesome of them is that? Thanks guys! 

Here’s some technical information.  It’s roughly 2 ½ - 3 feet long.  It was the smallest antler on the lot.  My step sister has one that barely fits on her wall…and she has 9 foot ceilings. 


It wove perfectly thorough my previous arrangement to give it that added interest.  Nate Berkus (who in my head is my design BFF) said that every room needs a little piece of nature, whether that be a stone, sand, shells, wicker, etc.  I think he would approve of my newly found antler!

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