Saturday, August 27, 2011

DIY Wedding Revisited: Favorite Pictures and Details

After gushing all about the invitations, programs, church décor, table names, centerpieces, favor boxes, wedding wine, cupcakes and photo guest book…whheeeww…I thought I would share my favorite details from the day and my favorite pictures of the hubby and I.  Firstly, I want to start off saying that our photographer was an absolute life saver.  A saint really.  The 4th of July before our wedding…a mere month and a half before wedding day, we bumped into our photographer out on the town.  He was a sports photographer from our town who had excellent equipment AND an excellent price.  We booked him, and followed it up with two conformation calls.  Back to the present…well the present at the time of 4th of July.  We mentioned the wedding and he said “ohh let me see if I still have it open”. Huh? Well he didn’t.  My sister-in-law saved the day by referring a friend who was an armature photographer. If you have been tuning into this series you will know that she is more like strictly pro.  In the end I am ecstatic with the way things turned out.  I got an excellent photographer for a meager few tears on the 4th of July – Score!    

This is my dress which I was so absolutely in love with that I couldn’t take it off in the store.  That’s how you know you’ve found the one.     

I was glad the photographer took the funky detail shots like the rings on the heels….     

wedding shoes….     

and my flowers.  My flowers incorporated my old and borrowed in my “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.  My old was an old locket from WWII my great aunt had given me.  My borrowed was my grandmother’s wedding ring I borrowed from my aunt, also strung on the locket chain.  My blue was my sapphire and diamond ring my mother bought me in high school instead of a class ring.   Lastly, my new was both my wedding dress and this amazing string of pearls the hubby bought me.

I also love that she got the bridesmaid flowers….   

and the groomsmen’s boutonnières.     

The rest are portraits of my hubby and me.  I love outdoor wedding portraits so the majority of our pictures were outside.  The key for me to getting great wedding pictures was number one have a great photographer.  Look at their portfolio and figure out if they share the same style as you.  Number two, I scouted out great locations (around three in all) to have our pictures taken.  Since I am from the area and had time, knowing the locations ahead of time made for a seamless transition.  Also, have a list of pictures you want on hand ready to give your photographer.  She can’t read your mind and you don’t want her to miss anything.  Lastly, have fun and be yourself.  Don’t spend too much time trying to look perfect – everything will be too posed.  Be fun, be spontaneous, and be you!     

*Pictures of the wedding day were taken exclusively by Amber Asman of asmanphotography.  In short, she rocks.

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