Monday, January 21, 2013

Easy Simple DIY Winter Wreath

Now it's time for a long overdue post about holiday décor.  Specifically a holiday themed wreath.  I wanted this wreath to be simplistic, classic, and something I could keep up throughout the season.  Maybe it is actually more of a winter wreath?  The great thing about Minnesota is that winter lasts FOREVER (well maybe it's not a great thing) so I can keep this wreath up for many months.  Oh and it was only $6.00 to craft up.  BOOM.

I started with a bunch of supplies from Michaels and some supplies I had laying around the craft closet.  I didn't know what I was going to come up with so I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases.  I mean that's what returning things is for right?  I started out with a plain wicker wreath, some white dangly bling, and some red and silver sparkly balls.  From the craft closet I retrieved some old linen fabric and twine. And of course I had the help of my trusty hot glue gun!
First I cut a strip of the linen fabric and wrapped it around the top.  I tucked the raw cut ends under to make it looked hemmed.  I hot glued that bad boy down and secured it with some twine.  I made a loop in the twine so I could hold the wreath up by the twine rather than the wreath itself. 

After tinkering for quite some time and agonizing over placement and bling goodies to use, I decided on these white pearly balls.  I attached them with string to secure them in place.  I tried hot glue but it just wasn't jiving for me that day.  
Next I used my trusty hot glue gun and this tutorial from My Sparkle.  She had an awesome easy way to roll these cute flowers.  I used hot glue instead of fabric glue and it worked just fine.  I also did not cover the backs like she did because I knew the backs would be covered when I glued them on my wreath.  I made them in varying sizes: two small one big!

Lastly I glued those babies on in a symmetrical pattern.  So there you have it $6 and 1ish hours and I have a wreath I can re-use again and again.  And better yet I get to use it a couple months at a crack!  And the colors of the wreath totally bring out the dark and light browns of the house!

Here is the budge breakdown:
Wreath: $4
White beady things: $2
Fabric: Free
Twine: Free simplistic neutral bliss!

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