Monday, November 12, 2012

A Rug from a Monk

The farmer's market across the way not only has delicious gourmet breakfast, fruits, veggies, dips, flowers, etc. it also has artisan crafts.  What I was specifically interested in were hand woven Monks!

Then the Hubby said "no way is that a Monk, come on".  Well Hubby lets look at the clues.  Monk hair cut with a touch of bald in the middle? Check! Brown robes? Check! Advertising that they live in a Monastery? Check! Yes he was definitely a Monk.  The Hubby lost a very big bet that day and we brought the rug home! But doesn't this lovely woven blue rug look like the old lovely woven blue rug that used to be under the console table?

Well yes it does.  The one below is the original rug and I LOVED it, but it was a little small for the space.  It was barely wide enough to fit the width of the console table.  When I saw the Monks with their beautifully woven rugs I knew I had my solution!

I love the texture and the blueness that give this rug charm.  I always grew up with rugs made like this in my house so I love it because it is both charming and nostalgic.  

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