Monday, September 24, 2012

Michigan Trip

I've been away from the blog because I have been on a little vacation to Michigan.  Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island to be exact! Best. Vacation. Ever.  Well....the only vacation ever together...I know that's a little pathetic but we decided we were finally going to explore the Michigan! 

I took the opportunity to take some photography along the way.  On the island they have these amazing bikes you can rent and bike off into the sunset.  I loved the different blues and grays of the bikes.   

This was our bike.  It's name was Cinnamon...she was a red tandem bike.  We rode her hard.....all 8 miles around the island.  Then we went through the middle and got lost.  Now, the entire path through the island was uphill until the last ohhhh 1/4 mile which was straight downhill.  Then we got lost we accidentally looped back and had to pedal almost the entire middle section AGAIN.  There were a few choice words thrown out and the hubby was not pleased with the encouraging song I was singing to help keep our spirits high.

There were beautiful rustic boats.......

and an amazing lookout!

We took a ship tour and I got a lot of industrial photos.  

Not to mention this cool old sign!!  This may inspire a little DIY art when I get home....just maybe.  

All around the island there were these little rock towers set up.  Someone had put some flowers beside one of the towers and it just looked so nostalgic.  

There were TONS more photos that I would love to share but I think you got the idea.  We had such a great time on the beautiful beaches and not to mention the scenery and company!

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