Monday, August 13, 2012

Lowering the Bar: We're Done!

We are finally done lowering the bar!  Why hello there dining room, haven't seen you from the kitchen in a while.  This was definitely a tricky little project....but soo worth it! 

To complete the project we had to do some trim painting in the dining area.  I am hoping that eventually all our trim will be while, but we are taking it one step at a time.  If you notice the color is a little off from the hutch.  If you don't already know I'm a bit obsessive.  This was just one of those things I had to let go in my little balloon for later.  I matched the color to the hutch (which was the color of the cabinets so the paint was free!) but apparently my matching skills need some work.  For now my goal is not to look directly at the baseboard directly next to the hutch and live in denial for a while.

What I couldn't deny is this dripping oozing mess all over the baseboards.  No, it is not dripping's dripping varnish.  Yea, when the varnish was put on the boards when they were wood there was a bit 'o drip leaving me with this fun fun mess to clean up.  After letting the paint dry I came through with a sander and sanded all those love humps off. 

After THAT was done the hubby measured a piece of wainscoting for the island wall.  Remember all those holes we cut out?  Ya they needed to be patched over and a nice white piece of wainscoting did the trick.  Now I call this "bead board" but the hubby is very adamant that I made that name up, so for blogging purposes it will be referred to as wainscoting.  At home its bead board.  PS - notice the tile in the background?  YES! A subway tile backsplash is in the future!

This is the end product after anxiety, blood, sweat, elbow grease, and tears.  Don't mind the little white spot, we are still getting to the "finishes" of touching up paint!

This is what the island looked like before if you don't remember....booo!!

And here is the pleasant after.  Isn't it amazing how you can actually SEE the kitchen?


And after!!

It is so amazing to see the difference that the project has made in the kitchen and dining room.  Everything seems bigger and more open.  The flow of the two rooms has definitely improved and made it feel like one area instead of two.  My favorite part?  Having the hubby sit at the island and actually be able to visit me while I am cooking!

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