Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Raspberry Lemonade

Summer to me means finding a deck somewhere and enjoying a nice cold beverage!  During a recent girls weekend we did just that.  For the event I whipped up some spiked raspberry lemonade.

For this simple and easy recipe for one pitcher you will need:
·        Bottle of raspberry lemonade
·        Bottle of regular lemonade
·        Raspberry flavored vodka
·        2 lemons
·        A small carton of raspberries – you could substitute frozen if you couldn’t find fresh 

In a pitcher add two parts raspberry lemonade, one part regular lemonade, and one part raspberry vodka.  You can increase or decrease the vodka by taste.  Cut the two lemons into wedges and dump the lemon wedges along with the fresh raspberries into your pitcher.  Cool in the fridge and enjoy!  The raspberries will sink to the bottom of the pitcher while the lemon wedges float at the top.  This gives your drink some visual interest!  When serving scoop out some pieces of fruit to garnish your drink with!

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