Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Knob Facelift

I have been looking at this knob with dismay for the last several months.  It doesn’t look sooo bad far away…

BUT when you get up close the flowers, gold, and fancy just isn’t me.  Thank goodness this little issue has such a quick fix: get a new knob already and stop whining.   

I ran across this little turquoise beauty at Michael’s….on sale! $2.99 down from $5.99.   

It just makes the hallway a little more hip and funky…which I LOVE.  And you can't argue with the intricate depth and dimension to the knob.       

It doesn’t exactly match paint colors to any room but creates a monochromatic blue feel that’s not too perfect and staged, and also picks up the colors from the living room.  What a nice little $2.99 upgrade!

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