Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alphabet Baby Shower: DIY Centerpieces

As the date for the Alphabet Baby Shower (with primary colors + green) was approaching I decided to whip up some centerpieces that went with the theme and colors of the baby shower bonanza.  The first thing when designing centerpieces is to figure out how many tables you have and how many centerpieces you want on each table.  The number of centerpieces will dictate the budget – the less tables you have the more you can spend on centerpieces and the more tables you have the more you want to make your dollar spread. 

For this shower we would have 8 tables of 8 people.  I decided on two centerpieces to each table since the tables were rectangle shape.  For round tables you might be able to get away with just 1 centerpiece.  I wanted to give each table their own letter so I choose to do 2 centerpieces for each of the 8 letters. 

For 16 Centerpieces you need:
  • Circle cutter
  • 48 BBQ skewers
  • Scissors
  • 1 sheet printer paper
  • 32 sheets of cardstock
  • 8 Sheets scrapbook paper
  • 16 small buckets
  • Package of Floral Foam
  • 16 sheets tissue paper
  • 2 rolls double sided tape
  • Hot glue
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting pad

First you design a graphic for a circle a little over 5 inches.  I went with a theme to match my cupcake toppers that worked in both the alphabet theme and colors the new mommy wanted.  I choose to have the same sayings as the cupcake toppers such as “B is for baby” and “S is for stroller” and used the same fonts and design to keep the theme cohesive.  However, I altered the colors for the font and added a dotted pattern on the inside of the boarder to add some visual interest.  I printed four copies of each letter, to make two same letter centerpieces for each table.  The circles only fit one per page so you need all 32 sheets of cardstock.  I then cut out each circle with my circle cutter.  Make sure when you are cutting with your circle cutter you are using the cutting pad and not the table….unless you want large circle cuts on your table then who am I to judge?

Next you take two copies of each letter (ie. both “S is for Stroller” circles) and secure the BBQ skewer tip to one circle with hot glue.  Once the glue dries you add double sided tape to the back of each circle and line the matching circle up, back sides facing one another. 

Congratulations, you are done with the first phase of your centerpiece.  But don’t get too excited you still have a long way to go! Making the next part of the centerpiece consists of printing out 4 copies of each 8 letters included in your circle centerpieces.  When I sized my letters I fit four letters per page.  You have to cut these letters out with an X-acto knife so make sure the font you choose is easy to cut around. 

You then cut two pieces of scrapbook paper out the size of your letter and tape both pieces together with double sided tape, leaving the bottom portion of the scrapbook papers untapped.  This is so that when you attach the skewer at the bottom of each letter you don’t have to rip the bottom of your letter apart to shove the skewer in there.  Believe me it is not a pretty sight.  So please, don’t tape the bottom of your scrapbook papers together now, we will tape them together later.  Then you cut a square around each letter and tape the paper to the scrapbook paper (without taping on the actual letter).  Use an X-acto knife to cut around your letter.

After you are done with cutting out all of your letters (two of each letter with scrapbook paper lining each side) you then adhere the skewers to the bottom of your letters with double sided tape. 

Next, you cut 16 pieces of floral foam (I used an old bread knife) down to the size of your small buckets.  I found my buckets in the dollar bin at Target – and they were blue to go with my theme!  Then, you take one sheet of tissue paper and wrap your foam in the tissue paper with all your loose ends at the top. 

Stick the floral foam in the bucket, wrapped side down.  Stick your circle skewer in first in the middle of the bucket, followed by one letter on each side. 

Tuck the loose ends of tissue paper into your centerpiece and you are done!

Budget Breakdown  for 16 Centerpieces:
  • Cardstock $9.60
  • BBQ skewers $2.00
  • Buckets $16.00
  • Scrapbook paper $4.00
  • Floral foam $5.00
  • Tissue paper $2.00
  • Double sided tape $4.00
  • Hot glue $1.00

Grand Total: $43.60

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