Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changing

Do you love the Dylan reference as much as I do?  I hope so because he is my absolute fav….AND originally from Minnesota - how do you like them apples?  Minnesota is also home to Nate Berkus – the absolute design GOD!  Ahhhh….there must be something in the water (or the winters!) in Minnesota to raise such amazing men – my hubby included!  Anyways enough about me blabbering about men and such.  My blog is finally a-changing this week to include an updated header, bio, and overall structure to reflect the giant steps we took from renters to owners.  The header changed from this:

To this:

This was after several cluster-F*(%*^# attempts at uploading.  Yes there was swearing.  The frustration paid off and I now have a new header.  I am looking forward to the transition to be reflected in my blog posts from the types of projects I complete now that I actually have the freedom to paint walls, knock shit out, and take names along the way. 


  1. Looking forward to what you have to say in your HOME. I love the new title. We just finished our new look and business site too, check it out.

  2. Thanks! I am loving your new look too!


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