Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Picking a Paint Color

We have made the decision that the cranberry colored paint on the walls has got to go. Like now.  It’s so bold making us feel like we are closed in, not that we spend a lot of time in there due to the lack of furniture.  BUT because there are no couches, tables, and chairs to move around we decided this would make for the perfect time to paint while we save some dough to buy furniture.  This decision means that we FINALLY get to paint a wall!  Can I get a woop woop?

I knew I wanted our color to be in the pale aqua family because I am loving the cool blues with a hint of green we have going on in the accessories in the kitchen.  I felt this paint color would be calming while creating a flow between rooms.  I then honed in on Smokey Slate color from BEHR paint.  I was CONVINCED this was going to be the color and wanted to immediately jump in and buy the whole 2 gallons we needed for the living room.  The hubby talked me down to a paint sample and I reluctantly agreed.

I chose to paint two coats of the samples in two different areas of the living room.  I choose those different spots because in different areas of light the colors can look completely different.

I first painted by the door

and then by the window

and the decided it was too light and I didn’t like it.  I wanted the paint to have a calming light feel, but I felt we needed to go just a touch darker.  Cue the second trip to Home Depot.  Having learned my lesson I brought back two more colors that I matched as best I could to the original color.  The first was Lotus Leaf, which is slightly greener than the original sample, and the second was Agave, which is slightly bluer than the original sample.  I know, they look like the same color, but they are slightly different.

I then proceeded to paint these two samples by the window and by the door.

Why the two colors of painters tape you ask?  I am doing my own study to see what painters tape works better: the original blue kind, or the new frog tape.  I will let you know if I am impressed.  Now I can enjoy watching my paint dry!


  1. I cannot tell any difference at all. Plus, you are fricken nuts with the painters tape! Love you :)


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