Monday, May 9, 2011

Rope + Vase = $0.49 DIY Decor Awesomeness

Math is not my thing, but if it leads to thrifty DIY accessories with a nautical feel I'm in!  Moving this weekend was hectic and since our new place is lacking internet I will share this DIY accessory post from my old house until the smoke clears at my new house enough for me to get the new house pictures and moving adventures online.

 It all started when I looked in my craft closet (yes I have a craft closet, my craft drawer just wasn’t cutting it anymore) and spied some leftover rope from this project lying around and a vase I had snatched up on a recent Goodwill trip. 

The vase was $0.49 which is a major bargain!  Let’s just say I was lucky I didn’t have to fight anyone off for it…but don’t worry I would have if I had to. 

One day I just put two and two together and started shoving the rope into the vase. 

I looped the rope and shoved it down into the vase several times to make sure all the rope was beautifully intertwined rather than just laying perfectly in a circle around the perimeter of the vase. 

After enough shoving you have your accessory.  The goal is to make it look messy and haphazard, so don’t worry about being perfect.  Before I was finished I look the leftover end and threaded it down into the vase to leave a loop sticking out of the opening for some added interest.  This project takes like 30 seconds and it cheap as dirt, so where can you go wrong?

My newly created accessory went to go live with my quails from this post and vintage books on my dresser. 

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