Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loving Vintage Map Art

A new trend in wall art has been framing vintage maps.  I absolutely love the idea, which is why I put a vintage Minnesota map on my Christmas list for this year.  Long story short, Santa was good to me this year and waiting under the Christmas tree was an amazing Rand McNalley road map from the 1940’s. 

I fell in love with the bright blues of the lakes and the warm oranges of the county lines.  Needless to say I am a procrastinator and just recently got around to framing it.  I picked up a discount white frame from Michaels, used some found accessories from this post, and perched it all on a wicker tray we received as a wedding gift, which resulted in this arrangement:

It incorporates everything I love about Minnesota with a rustic twist.  The best part is that you can find vintage maps for fairly cheap, this little beauty ran around $15.00.  So all in all I am loving this new trend as a cool alternative to traditional art.  Besides choosing to frame the state you live in, as I did, you could choose a state that you lived in as a child, a place you vacationed, or a state that you want to see!    

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