Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wineo Tradition

I tend to be a bit of a sentimental sap.  I love to save movie tickets, programs from plays I see, and any other little memento to remind me of a fun time.  A new tradition of sentimentality was born after my hubby and I honeymooned in Stillwater, Minnesota.  It was actually a bit of a “mini-moon” as we had just moved to the big city and wanted to keep the honeymoon budget to a minimum.  We had planned to tour several wineries and ended up buying around 10 bottles of wine to help us celebrate special events throughout the year.  On one of these said tours they encouraged you to buy a glass or bottle of wine to enjoy on the tour.  I chose bottle because it was obviously a better deal. I mean, common – do the math!  I unfortunately didn’t understand that we weren’t supposed to drink the whole bottle during the tour…oppsies.

Anyhoo, during the mini moon we also bottled our own olive oil, picked raspberries on a berry farm, took a dinner boat cruise, and went on a gondola ride up the St. Croix river.  It was a heck of a good time for staying close to home! But back to the point – the wine!  We would uncork a bottle for special events, and as a way to commemorate these events we started the tradition of writing on the cork. 

The first step is to uncork the wine, the key being to keep the cork intact throughout this process.

Next, you write on the cork.  What we write on the cork includes the brand and kind of wine, the date we drank it, who drank it, and the special event. 

Then, pour and enjoy! 

Note, our wine glasses are probably fuller than they should be according to wineo etiquette.  However, we are not that classy, we just love us some wine! This tradition works well for the wine we made and bottled for our wedding or any other wine we end up enjoying or receiving as gifts, like this one.  Check back in for what happens to the corks once the wine is enjoyed and the corks are inscribed!       

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