Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hootie Finds a Home!

Meet my newest find friend Hootie:

I snatched him up from Goodwill in Hopkins and have never been happier.  He didn’t always used to be this white and perky, but after a facelift curtsy of white spray paint he looks shiny and new!  Thanks to Sherry at Young House Love, I have been introduced to the wonderful world of what I call “buying ugly figurines and spray painting them white”.  It can become quite an addiction. 

After transforming Hootie’s dark and beady eyes into innocent white loveliness, there was a dilemma. Where would Hootie live?  As a lot of things in my home are not properly accessorized, so trips to Goodwill can be a bit impulsive.  I always know that I will find a home for my amazing deals.  This is how Hootie came to live in the tall dark shelf in the living room.

Here is the top of the shelf:

Here is the bottom of the shelf:

His amazing whiteness makes him pop, and it looks like he is getting along with his other shelf friends fairly well!  Another successful DIY trip to Goodwill!

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